I have written two books. Here are more details about both of them.

926 Years

Co-written with Kyle Coma-Thompson, published by Sublunary Editions

Released 21 January 2020

The intimate, globe-spanning microportraits of human crisis in 926 Years are at once sobering and uplifting, clarifying and mystifying. Tristan Foster and Kyle Coma-Thompson’s collaboration is a nonpareil of short-form virtuosity.
—Gary Lutz

Through twenty-two linked stories, Tristan Foster and Kyle Coma-Thompson explore the creative potential of people’s native estrangement from themselves and each other. Two writers who have never met, who live on opposite sides of the globe—one in Australia, the other in the United States—tracking the pattern of probable lives and fates that co-exist between them, from Korea to England, Senegal to Argentina. Their conclusion/suspicion: imagination is stronger, and subtler, than God, and offers more than mere consolation for the difficulties of living.

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Letter to the Author of the Letter to Father

Published by Transmission Press

Released 6 August 2018

Eels, snakes, artists, photos, writers, sprinters, dead men, thieves, possums, sphinxes, whales, fathers, mothers, children, neighbours, lovers, churches, rivers, oceans, devils, heroes, stones, fur, fish, skin, blood. Astrologers and mandarins. Dehli and Parramatta, Byzantium and Cappadocia.

The texts in this collection hunt down the lost and the dead, tracing their paths from small apartments in the suburbs of Sydney to Malpensa Airport in Milan, bearing witness to what they get up to when our backs are turned.

By turns strange, beautiful and beguiling, Letter to the Author of the Letter to the Father by Tristan Foster is an outstanding collection of short fictions from one of Australia’s most exciting new voices.

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