On 3:AM + one or two other things

3:AM MagazineThought it was about time I put in writing here that I have joined the mighty 3:AM Magazine as a reviews/nonfiction editor, working closely with my good buddy K. Thomas Kahn.

Been a reader of the journal, sometime contributor and an admirer of the current editorial team (Andrew Gallix, David Winters and Richard Marshall to begin with) as well as former editors (Susan Tomaselli and Darran Anderson) and their contribution to the vast galaxy of literature for some time. Needless to say, being part of it is a thrill and an honour.

(My call for submissions.)

The thing that I’ve already found pleasantly surprising is the connections made — from reading somebody’s writing, from working on that writing together, from the sharing and discussion of ideas, from a simple message in my inbox; connections with people who, frankly, I’m unlikely to have interacted with otherwise.

Maybe this is me finding out that that’s what literature is about too.