On ‘A fixed vocabulary’

My short piece – fiction? fragments? I don’t know – called A fixed vocabulary has been published by The Learned Pig.

Words, words. Sometimes thinking about words – the right words, the wrong ones, their meanings slippery like fish – can be crippling. This piece came from that thinking – of not having the right words. Of wanting a vocabulary that was fixed – as in pinned down but also repaired, no longer broken. But if that was the case, if we had the right words for everything, I wonder what would happen to writing. Does it gain precision? Or does it lose everything? Is a fixed nature for words something we want? I don’t know. By not answering any of these questions, the piece probably fails – hopefully for the better. (I’m now concerned the above preface/afterword breaks the piece or even prevents it from failing in the way I’d like it to, rendering it unsuccessful entirely.)

Side note, The Learned Pig asks a couple of unusual questions of its contributors. Have a look: The Learned Pig – Contributors.