On ‘Sundown’

My short story or fragment Sundown has been published in the final edition of RIC Journal for 2018. It’s always always a serious pleasure to be in RIC, a singular journal that continues to do its very own thing. Long may that continue.

With thanks to S, as usual.

On ‘The Deadest Man in the Underworld’

The Deadest Man in the UnderworldMy short story The Deadest Man in the Underworld has been published in RIC Journal.

What should and shouldn’t I say about this piece? Wrote it in a frenzy. Or put the pieces together in a frenzy. Maybe it shows, maybe that’s a good thing, I don’t know. Been wanting to contribute to RIC again for some time but didn’t have the right thing. But then this, so.

Big thanks to Saudamini – for supporting, humouring and, in other words, publishing me.

On ‘Good Luck with the Arseholes’

Good LuckVisual Verse does this thing where on the first day of every month they post an image. They then ask for responses to the image – either poetry or prose, up to 500 words, written in an hour.

Way back in March of 2014 I wrote What the Sheep Thinks of the Sky in response to that month’s image – a drawing of a pile of dead birds. Wrote it while on a trip to Melbourne, in the reading room of the State Library of Victoria. It was a memorable writing experience (not sure I can say that about many writing experiences…); there’s something cleansing and invigorating about the process – of working with a time limit, and a word limit, and walking away from it once you’ve hit “Submit”.

Anyway, on a warm night at the start of this month, I wrote Good Luck with the Arseholes while sitting by the balcony, door pulled right open.

On ‘Our Hero Explains’

VESTIGES_00: Ex-StasisMy short story ‘Our Hero Explains’ appears in the Ex-Stasis issue of Vestiges, the irregular journal published by Black Sun Lit.

‘Our Hero Explains’ is a somewhat strange story for me; indeed, it’s been some time since I have even had reason to look at it. But some of the evocations – the location our hero gives his lesson, a place of ancient ritual, and then the oasis he takes his battle-weary soldiers to – remain with me, vivid. In other words, it’s a departure from what seems to be my usual theme of small dramas in suburban neighbourhoods. It’s also very pleasant to be back in print, and side by side with the work of talented friends, acquaintances and other writers I admire; big thanks to the BSL editors for making it happen.

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