Another Eight Questions for Saudamini Deo

My second interview with writer and translator Saudamini Deo has been published, again by the good folks at Asymptote Journal. This time, Saudamini and I discuss her English translation of Traces of Boots on Tongue by Rajkamal Chaudhary – the second book in her translation project, published by Seagull Books as part of their India List series.

We also discuss what’s next for her, the prominence of the modern translator and much more. Saudamini is always a pleasure to work with, and she is a creative and compelling interviewee (and writer and translator and editor and…) – you can read my eight questions for her here.

With thanks to S, of course, and to Meghan from Asymptote.

On ‘Saying Nothing’

Thread, Greek or Roman, 1st century CE

The next part in my ongoing conversation with Daniela Cascella has been published at Sublunary Editions.

In Saying Nothing: A Conversation with Daniela Cascella, D and I discuss her her two books Nothing As We Need It and Chimeras. The two books, both published last year, explore her notion of chimeric writing, a concept which I’ve seen evolve through her series of books.

As always, the conversation about the writing was a pleasure. Thanks to D for her time and energy and to Josh for giving it a place to live.

Eight Questions for Harald Voetmann

Very happy to be able to say that my interview with Danish writer Harald Voetmann has been published by the kind folk at Full Stop Magazine.

More or less everything I have to say about the interview is in its intro, but it’s worth repeating here that I really did love Awake (do check it out – through ND Books in the US or Lolli Editions in the UK) and I can’t wait for the next couple of books.

With thanks to Harald, of course, and Denise at Lolli Editions. And a special thanks to Michael at Full Stop for giving the interview a home.

On ‘Translation as Séance’

Translation as Séance, my interview with Saudamini Deo about her forthcoming translations for Seagull Books, has been published by Asymptote. We cover a lot of territory in eight questions – Saudamini talks to me about forgotten Hindi writers, translation, literary politics and what creativity means to her.

Interview with Saudamini Deo

It was a pleasure to talk to S about her work – be sure to check Seagull Books for release dates. With thanks to Sarah from Asymptote.

On ‘Fiction as seduction’

Anne Serre interviewSo here’s that other thing I hinted at in the post on my review of The Fool: my interview with French writer Anne Serre has been published by Asymptote.

Fiction as Seduction is part five of my eight questions with writers series. Won’t go into too much detail but I’ve done the work on way more than five interviews, they just haven’t quite worked out… Anne was an absolute delight to work with.

With thanks to Sarah.

On ‘Eight questions for Yuri Herrera’

yuri-herrera-interviewI was fortunate enough to put eight questions to Yuri Herrera about his writing, translation and the spaces his stories occupy for 3:AM Magazine. Yuri is the author of Trabajos del reino, Signs Preceding the End of the World – winner of the 2016 Best Translated Book Award – and The Transmigration of Bodies, which is due from And Other Stories any minute now.

With thanks to Yuri, of course, for his time and attention, and to Nicky from AOS.

On ‘Eight Questions for Idra Novey’

Eight questions for Idra NoveyThe first thing I read by Clarice Lispector was Idra Novey’s translation of The Passion According to G.H., a book that I know I’m not alone in saying stayed with me, planted in my memory like some alien obelisk. Recently, I heard that Novey had a novel forthcoming. I was on the lookout for a third subject for this interview series, so I thought I could read the novel and everything in between then, if fate allowed it, put some questions to her.

This has been one of my favourite things about being on the 3:AM team – putting questions to writers about my experiences with their work has been no small privilege. Big thanks to Idra.

On ‘Eight questions for Ivan Vladislavić’

Ivan VladislavićI had the great pleasure of putting a few questions – eight, to be exact – to South African writer Ivan Vladislavić for 3:AM Magazine. This, of course, necessitated spending a couple of months with everything by him that I could find, something which was itself a delight.

Big thanks to Nicky from And Other Stories – and to Ivan for his professionalism, kindness with his answers and his time.